Our Story

Hey there!  My name is Aaron Levine and I am the founder of Homespun Kitchen. I’ve been dreaming of creating healthy fast food restaurants since I was in high school.  With the amazing encouragement, support and help from my wife Angela and an incredible team, what was once a dream has been a reality since 2009!

For me, the dream of creating Homespun started in the mid 1990’s. Growing up, I saw how hard it was for my parents, who both worked, to cook and eat healthy. There were plenty of convenient options but none of them were healthy. As a matter of a fact, most of the options were awful for us! Fast food was a staple in our house growing up. Witnessing this struggle and wanting to help solve the problem was the initial inspiration for Homespun!

After graduating high school, I went to college and studied engineering however I worked at restaurants, collected menus from around the world and continually worked on plans for my healthy restaurant. In mid 2009, with tremendous encouragement from Angela, the timing was right and the official journey began!

Today, Homespun is the best version of my visions from the 1990s! Homespun is a place where you can get delicious, responsible, scratch-made-food, fast.  I wrote more about our journey in a blog post a while back.

Today, our goals have expanded far beyond just serving healthy food fast. As our understanding of the restaurant industry has evolved, we have learned that there are many more challenges to solve beyond just serving healthy food fast. We have become obsessed with sustainability, sourcing, creating an amazing place to work, creating careers, helping our community and mentoring aspiring business owners.  Thanks for reading, Aaron.

Our Commitments & Values


To relentlessly search for the best ingredients available.


We will never intentionally misrepresent ingredients or make false claims about what we use.  if you have any questions about our ingredients, please ask, we are proud to share what we use.


We are always working to make eating healthy affordable.  We know we are not the cheapest option however our goal is to provide tremendous value.


Our goal is to use as many locally sourced, USDA Organic ingredients as possible.  When we can not find them we use the next best alternatives, always taking a local option when possible.  Here is our ranking:

  • USDA Organic
  • All Natural Non-GMO
  • All Natural.

Homespun Kitchen All Natural = Nothing artificial, minimally processed.

Need a Lift? Homespun Kitchen is a fun place to find healthy food!

Whether you’re hanging out at our bar enjoying a fro-yo, or you’re grabbing a delicious wrap or salad to fuel your day, we’re glad you’re here. Our foods are prepared with integrity and creativity for people who want to make better choices about what they put in their bodies.


of our Ingredients are Organic


of our Ingredients are Natural