We are so blessed to have experienced 9 consecutive years of growth and profitability at Atlantic Beach. This growth is a blessing that we do not take for granted. This growth also helped give us the courage and confidence to open our second location. At the same time, it has put tremendous pressure and stress on our amazing team, especially our managers!

To better serve you and to help reduce the stress on our team, we will be taking today to start making updates to many of our systems and procedures. These changes will improve our efficiency helping us to reduce mistakes and decrease ticket times while at the same time reduce the stress and pressure on our team.

We will not be able to make all of the updates needed today however we are entering a new phase in our growth. We have huge goals for putting delicious, healthy, food served fast across the country! The changes we are implementing will improve your experience at Atlantic Beach and help us achieve our long term goals!

We plan to reopen tomorrow, Saturday, February 4th, 2023 for normal hours, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Also, don’t forget our Riverside Location is open today for normal hours, 7 AM to 9:00 PM.

The address is:

Homespun Kitchen No.2, 1030 Oak Street, Jacksonville, FL, 33304

We are also going to continue running a 10% AB special so just tell them you are from the beach and they will give you 10% OFF your order for making the trip! Riverside people you can use it too! 🙂

Side Note

Many of you have asked “what does a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Florida have to do with running a restaurant?” Well, let me explain!

Making just about everything from scratch is not easy and something most restaurants do not do, especially fast casual or fast food ones. Seriously, we make our dressings and sauces, we make and bake our bread onsite, we marinate our proteins and cook them onsite, we cut all our fresh veggies onsite, we crack hundreds of fresh organic eggs daily and cook them onsite, make our coffee syrups, we pickle our onions, candie our almonds, you name it, we make it!

We make food from scratch because it allows us to make it healthier and it just tastes better. We do not want big food conglomerates who could care less about our health telling us what ingredients we have to use in pre-made products. When we do use a pre-made product like our 100% whole grain wraps, we have hand selected them, to meet our ingredient standards. We decide!

We also use the highest quality ingredients to make our food from scratch and they are on display at our restaurants for you to see. We have our ingredients on display because we believe it is more powerful than just telling you! We use as much organic as possible, when it’s not organic, we use all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. We also work to source as much locally as possible.

Finally, we have ambitions goals of competing with the big fast food chains, providing food fast and consistently. We make your food fresh to order and accommodate a tremendous amount of dietary preferences.

So, if the ingredients cost more and we require more labor because we are making everything from scratch, the only solution is to relentlessly pursue improving our systems, procedures and efficiency. This is how we will continue to be profitable and sustain our massive growth plans! The alternative is burning out good, passionate people who believe in what we are doing but are having a difficult time keeping up with the demand! Oh, we are also working to change the typical revolving employee doors in restaurants. I love our team and want to build a massively successful company with them, not new faces every six months!

This is what a mechanical engineer, with a degree from the University of Florida, who is passionate about changing the world spends his time doing!

Anyways, we can not wait to see your beautiful faces today at Riverside and tomorrow at Atlantic Beach!