Given our Facebook account switched over today and we have made tremendous progress on the remodel, we thought today was a good day for an update!

The espresso installation and technology upgrades are not complete yet however we have made great strides on the remodel.  We have been making all the changes and updates without closing the store so things have been stretched out a bit however we are targeting the beginning of March to have everything complete.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far:

We’ve been asked “why the change?”  While it is not a short answer, here is the gist.

As posted in the previous post, the dream has always been to help people enjoy eating healthy on the go.  Angela and I started Happy Cup to get our feet wet, offering a healthier alternative for dessert.  The plan has always been to either evolve Happy Cup or open new healthy restaurants along the way.  Angela and I fell in love with Atlantic Beach and the community has been so supportive, we wanted to evolve our first location rather than start something different and new somewhere else.  We’ve done our best to honor our Happy Cup roots with the re-design while at the same time expand our offerings.  We hope you agree!

Why “Homespun Kitchen?”

First, Happy Cup started in our home kitchen.  We installed a full commercial soft serve machine and went to work developing our homemade recipes from scratch using the best organic and all natural ingredients.  Each time we’ve added something to the menu, the test started at our house, with the best ingredients and a ton of trial and error.

Second, from a general perspective, our food is a bit of a throwback.  When you go shopping for your house, you aren’t looking for Sodium Ascorbate to throw on your fresh cut fruit to make it last longer or monosodium glutamate to compensate for substandard ingredient’s lack or flavor.  We cook the same way at Homespun.  We use the best ingredients and make as much from scratch as possible.  If it’s not made from scratch at Homespun, we use the highest quality organic or all natural option.  Of course its the “in thing” now to go this route, but we’ve been doing from the very beginning and regardless of the potential health benefits, its just tastes better!

Finally, Kitchen was important to us because we actually have one and we actually use it!  Our candied almonds are candied in house.  We brine our organic chicken breast for 24 hours and cook it on site.  We make the salad dressing, pickle the onions and make our sauces.  You have to have a kitchen to get it done.  This allows us to control every aspect of what we make.  For example, we make our teriyaki sauce.  We make it using organic, certified gluten free soy sauce helping our gluten free customers enjoy something they usually can not enjoy when eating out!

Also, in this day an age, we are proud of the fact that we were able to obtain the trademark for Homespun Kitchen, the domain and the trademark for our H with the spoon and fork in the design, another minor detail in the naming process.

Whether you are a fan of our frozen yogurt or our food, we appreciate your support over the years.  Our menu has tons of options for all types of eating styles, vegan, high protein, low carb, paleo, balanced and more.  We are proud of the fact that the strictest vegan can come with a hungry carnivore and both will leave happy after breakfast, lunch or dinner!  If you have not tried our food yet, know that the same attention to detail that we put into the yogurt goes into everything else we make and we hope to make you a fan!


Aaron & Angela