Homespun Kitchen is not an exclusively vegan restaurant however you would not know it based on the number of vegan items we offer. At Homespun, you can find vegan options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything between. In random order, the rest of this post is dedicated to our top ten vegan options. Enjoy! 

#1 – Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Our vegan, dark chocolate banana bread is one of co-founder Angela’s best recipes. You would never know eggs were replaced with flax eggs and the chocolate was dairy free. We use Enjoy Life chocolate chunks in this bread and they push it over the edge. The bread is moist, dense and delicious.

#2 – Hippie Chick Breakfast Wrap

The Hippie Chick breakfast wrap features locally sourced, Arto Moro tempeh. We marinate and bake the tempeh in house. The rest of the ingredients are avocado, organic spinach, organic carrot, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, house seasoning, 100% whole grain wrap. The Hippie Chick is a perfect example of delicious and healthy!

P.S. we serve breakfast wraps all day!

#3 – Vanilla Oat Milk Latte

Our espresso drinks start with locally roasted, Bold Bean coffee beans. Add homemade vanilla syrup and oat milk and you get an amazing vegan latte! 

#4 – Greeny Smoothie

The Greeny is one of our most popular smoothies. It is made with almond milk, avocado, organic spinach, organic banana, pineapple, vegan protein, and organic agave. The greeny is a great way to get your daily greens in! 

#5 – Modified Southwest Salad

Making our most popular salad vegan is easy. The most important switch is requesting our Homemade Vegan Ranch instead of our regular ranch. Our vegan ranch is cashew based, creamy and delicious. The only other substitution required is an extra veggie in place of cheddar cheese. Simple modifications to one of our most popular items to make it vegan.

#6 – Lily Toast

The Lily Toast may appear simple however it is packed with scratch-made goodness. The toast starts with a thick slice of our freshly baked, homemade bread. Then, we top it with freshly smashed, ripened avocados. Next, we add house made Everything But The Bagel Seasoning and finish it with a drizzle of organic olive oil. Our toast is anything but ordinary!

P.S. we serve toast all day!


#7 – Vanilla Sorbet

Soft-serve is where it all started for us when we opened back in 2010! Today, it makes up a much smaller part of our sales however we still make it from scratch, just as we did when we started. Our vegan vanilla uses almond milk as its base so it is completely dairy free and vegan. You can grab a cup for a great vegan snack or dessert after your meal!

#8 – SoCal Acai Bowl

All of our Açaí Bowls can be made vegan by simply requesting organic agave on top instead of organic honey. The SoCal however is our most popular vegan Açaí Bowl. It is made with homemade açaí sorbet, homemade granola, organic peanut butter, organic banana, organic cacao nibs, and organic agave. An Açaí Bowl is a fun way to get fruit and fiber into your diet without tons of added sugars. We have three different sizes of Açaí Bowls so its easy to eat one for a snack or a meal!

#9 – Steel Cut Oats & Fresh Fruit

Our Steel Cut Oats & Fresh Fruit is another menu item that may sound simple however we put a lot of love into this baby. First, we slow cook organic steel cut oats with a dash of sea salt and a little organic maple syrup. Then, we top it with fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, and sliced almonds. Finish it off with a drizzle of organic maple syrup and simple becomes unique and delicious, plus its vegan!

#10 – Cookie Dough Bites

Last but not least are our whole food, vegan cookie dough bites. These little drops of goodness are made fresh, in house, with organic rolled oats, almond butter, organic coconut oil, almonds, vegan chocolate chips, organic maple syrup, vanilla, and salt. People eat these as a snack or dessert. Best of all, they are vegan!

By no means does this list exhaust all of our options. We have tons of vegan options for any meal of the day and everything between. Check out out menu to learn about more. Next time you are in, we hope you give one of our delicious vegan items a try.