When you think of the word food, there is often no need for a definition.

For example, you would never catch someone walking around thinking, “Hey, what is this food thing I keep hearing about?” because we as humans, well, we just know.

 Much like breathing, you wouldn’t get too far without eating – at the very least, you’d become a much more cranky, unpleasant version of yourself or at the very worst, you’d starve. So it’s a particularly good thing that the compulsion to consume comes pre-programmed into our DNA, jammed deep in there before we’ve ever had the chance to think our first thought.

But if you were to think about the word and really ponder what it meant, you may find that your perception of what makes food, food, might just change.

Webster defines ‘food’ as “something that nourishes, sustains or supplies”, which sounds quite innocuous on its own. But if we break that down further, you’ll find that ‘nourish’ means “to provide people or living things with food in order to make them grow and keep them healthy”. So if your typical 2 a.m. fast food runs are causing your heartburn to flare and promotes disease detrimental to your overall health, can you really define it as nourishing food

Think about it this way: if you found yourself driving down the highway and came across a sign advertising gasoline at half price, you’d be quite excited. However, what if upon further inspection you found out that the reason why the gas was so cheap was because it was diluted with water? Most likely you would think, “Well, that’s no good at all!” and keep driving along.

The same scenario can be applied to a bowl of oats. On its face, a bowl of oats can be quite good for you and most definitely able to be defined as food. But what if those oats were laced with something nefarious like arsenic? Sure, the bowl of poisonous oats would still technically be edible, but would a sane person still classify it as food? Most likely not.

We humans spend an astounding 32,098 hours eating and drinking beverages in our lifetimes, so at Homespun Kitchen, we’ve really put a lot of thought into the word food and what it means. For us, it’s as simple as avoiding the pitfalls of adding trendy (but often unhealthy) dishes to our menu and saying no to alternatives that may be cheaper, but are filled with nasty additives. We’re all about focusing on ingredients that are real – really good, really tasty, really healthy. Ingredients that leave you feeling satisfied but energized and don’t slow you down. Food that really, truly does nourish.

Take our açaí bowls, for example. We make our açaí sorbet from scratch daily, with two ingredients, organic açaí and organic bananas. Sorbet without sugar or additives would freeze rock solid overnight, or over weeks in transport, if it was made offsite. Because we make our sorbet fresh, daily, in our restaurant, we do not have to add anything to it to stop it from over-freezing. 

Our açaí bowls are packed with fiber, they’re the perfect way to get key nutrients into your body without tons of added sugar and other undesirable additives. Yet, they’re somehow just as efficient at satisfying your sweet tooth as, say, ice cream may be, making them the perfect example of what all “food” should strive to be – a delicate balance between delicious and nutritious. 

We love to encourage folks to cook meals at home using healthy, wholesome ingredients but when that option isn’t available, we’re happy to be in your rotation and look forward to serving you the best version of food that we know how!